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 learn how to create nano, powder and combo brows; $4975 plus tax
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Day 1

  • Course overview. Student expectations and kit discussion.

  • The different skin types and how to decide what technique is best. Students will learn how different techniques on certian skin types effects the overall healed results.

  • Step by step process on how to create soft Ombre Brows, Nano Brow and Combination Brows.

  • Students will practice on fruit to understand the importance of skin depth when working with a tattoo machine.

  • Students will learn how to create soft pixelated brows and how to create crisp machine hair strokes using our Luxaderm Tattoo Machine.

  • The importance of understanding undertones and colour theory. This course will touch base on how to correct eyebrows with undesirable colours from previous work.

Day 3

  • Practice combining nano and ombre brows on practice pads. Shasta will assist students with nano strokes while Becky will help students understand pigment layering for the ombre portion.

  • We will discuss importance of the proper hand placement and stretch for eyebrow tattooing on practice dummies.

  • Becky will be demonstrating an ombre brow on a LIVE model.

  • Shasta will be demonstrating the nano technique on a LIVE model.

Day 2

  • Brow mapping and things to look for with each client.

  • Shasta and Becky will assist students in during a one on one eyebrow mapping practice on each other.

  • Discussion on needle configurations and the purpose of each type of needle used for eyebrows.

  • Materials needed to perform a procedure and station set up.

  • Sanitization demonstration; how to properly clean up and disinfect after a procedure.

  • Questions and open discussion, students will be given homework they are expected to complete.

Days 4 & 5

  • Students will perform combo brows on LIVE models on both day 4 and 5

  • Written exam will be done on day 4 students must have a score of 80% or over to receive certification.

  • Once models are finished our students will have an opportunity to discuss and review their technique with both instructors. We encourage students to ask as many questions as they can on day 4 to ensure there is improvement on day 5.

  • Discussion on how to grow your business, how to take proper pictures, good apps to download as well as what the best approach to building a solid clientele is.

  • Certifications will be handed out.

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