Unruly Babe

Unruly Babe


Luxaderm Brow Styling Candy finally gives us control over those pesky brow hairs that just wont stay put!


Pair with Luxaderm Dont Hate; Laminate for the perfect brow combo!

  • How To Apply

    Step 1. Wet the spooly using water or rose water.

    Step 2. Take your dampened spooly and gently coat it in the product, rolling the spoolie around to layer it with the product.

    Step 3. Brush through your brows, moving the product upwards to create a fluffy or feathered look.

    This product can be worn alone or paired with your favourite brow proucts.


    Safe to use with any brow lamination, henna or tinting products.


  • Wholesale

    Please email hello@luxaderm.ca for information on our wholesale packages.



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