Don't Hate; Laminate

Don't Hate; Laminate


Luxaderm Professional and at Home Mini Brow Lamination Kits!


Whats included:


1 x "Lift" solution

1 x "Laminate" solution

1 x "Lock" solution

1 x "Brow Adhesive" 10ml

1 x "Tool Box" - whats included:

  • 10 x Spoolie
  • 10 x Seperation Tools
  • 10 x Microbrush
  • 3 x "Y" brush (can be reused and cleaned with barbicide)


*This kit does not come with tint, developer or plastic wrap. They are recommended when using this product. We do sell them seperately.



  • How To Apply

    Information on how to apply provided with purchase of Don't Hate; Laminate brow lamination kit.

  • Wholesale

    Please email for information on our wholesale packages.



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