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FAQ - Waxing

How Can I Best Prepare For My Wax?

For body waxing 1/4 of an inch is the optimum length for the best removal. This is about the length of a grain of rice. Anything shorter than that can cause poor removal and extra hair to be left over. 2-3 weeks after a fresh shave usually gives you the correct length for removal.
Making sure the skin is being exfoliated and moisturized regularly the week before waxing is suggested for less pain and better removal at the appointment. If it’s your first time please let us know and we will walk you through every step at the appointment.

Does Waxing Hurt?

Everyones pain levels are different from person to person. Waxing is best described as spicy pain. Any pain that you do experience will be temporary.

How Often Should I Get Waxing Done?

4-6 weeks is usually a good window, but to be safe I usually recommend 5 weeks. It seems to be the sweet spot for the best removal. 

How Long Does Waxing Take?

It really depends on the area(s). Most small areas are between 5-15 minutes. Larger areas can be 30 minutes to 1 hour.

What is a Vajacial/Brojacial?

This service  is a treatment to help with ingrowns, inflammation, or irritation in the public area. We steam to help soften the hairs, wax, ingrown removal (if safe), and finish with a mask. The mask helps to cool and sooth the skin after to reduce inflammation/irritation.

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